Grow is to dissolve

you can't fill a cup that is already full”

Zen proverb.

We become to think that grow is some kind of challenge, an increase-in rank, size, intellectually and in comparison with the other, we are more, we have grown.
But what if to become something or someone different we think of dissolving, and in this dissolving, unfolding and ever expanding.

Growth is not a quest or a place to be, growth can only happen from and through you in this very moment. What we want to embrace is a continuous state of learning ourselves, because if we leave space for learning, -“to get to know”- as a continuous, we are in a position of becoming, of letting, of welcoming.


A predictable future is already the past.


Often people say, “I know my self”, but that’s not –in my opinion-how we should approach to our life and human development. If we say that we know ourselves any possibility of expansion is dismissed because “I know myself”, that means that I have this image about me and a predictable way of functioning, reacting and solving problems because “this is who I am”.


Knowledge is not wisdom.


Knowledge is necessary but not important, knowledge feeds thought and in that order thought it’s never new, and if I think of myself as if; I can’t be. We become a memory of ourselves, we are a repetition, and we are not authentic.
Growth arise when we let go, and if we want to learn and become something new, it can only happen if we are willing dissolve the old and let the new unfold. And in that dissolvement, expansion.


you can’t fill a cup that is already full”

Zen proverb.