Belief systems

Break through the cultural landscape

In a way belief systems are how we wire our brain, consciously or unconsciously is something that happens since we come to life. And thus, a way of functioning and relating with my environment sometimes needs to be reviewed and updated.
But how do I update my belief systems? First of all we must understand that this can be a random process or planned.

Random happens when life teach us a lesson by the hard way, the head against the wall saying for example. And it can happen a few times before we even realize that we might want to do some adjustments in our ways of living. In our belief systems.
But if I put myself on a learning spiral, with clarity and purpose, learning and self-knwoledge will come and flow in a more harmonious way and life will start to unfold through me, but It doesn’t mean that life won’t give us any lessons.

Life is the master teacher of all creation.

Belief systems are a fixed way of thinking, doing, acting and reacting. It does not mean that is good or bad, wrong or right, individuals have it, families have it and even countries have them. In life as we expand, some ways of living or some beliefs may become in some ways obsolete and stop serving us and causing us troubles or directing us into unpleasant moments and results.

If you want to believe in Santa Claus, believe in it, it’s wonderful. But by the time you move out of your parents house you will probably stop receiving gifts in a mysterious way. And that can be disappointing and frustrating.

The point is to realize in a mature a responsible way that even we can’t control the so called outside world, we can take care of our inner world. I may even not be able to control my thoughts and emotions and that’s not even the point, is what we do about them, in relation to them what matters and what we can actually be “in control of”.